Your firefighters volunteered over 900-man hours responding to 214 incidents in 2020. We responded to missing persons, motor vehicle accidents including entrapment, structure fires (in town and mutual aid to out of town) and water rescues as well as other calls this year. We spent countless hours responding to 23 calls during storm Isaias. Members responded to the call for help and left their families Christmas morning for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment.

Although we had the pandemic, we were able to do virtual training, as well as hands on training with the special roof prop at the Monmouth County Fire Academy. We also trained on our new extrication equipment and conducted building familiarizations. Members also attended other training, provided fire prevention education and attended other standby assignments.

The Oceanport Hook & Ladder is the only fire company in town that owns and maintains our own firehouse. We rely on your support and fundraisers to cover the costs of maintenance, repairs and to fund capital projects for the upkeep of the firehouse. Recently, we have upgraded indoor and outdoor lighting to LED to reduce electricity costs and ensure a safer environment outdoors.

Unfortunately, in 2020, We were unable to hold various fundraisers such as our Ham Dinner, Pumpkinfest or rent out our bays due to COVID-19. We are also unable to hold the Ham Dinner in 2021. Due to not having these fundraisers, we need your support now more than ever.

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