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Types of membership

We have 2 types of membership.

Our Firefighters and Fire Police Officers are considered “Active” members. Active members attend the fire academy and become certified firefighters or fire police officers. Active members respond to emergencies as well as participate in the administrative functions of the fire company that include fund raising events.

Our 2nd type of membership are called “Social” members. These members do not respond to calls but support the fire company’s administrative operations. Social members can be an administrative officer and support the company’s various committees including maintenance and repair of our firehouse and help with our fundraising events.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

There are multiple benefits of becoming a member. Obviously the first one is giving back to your community and helping provide fire protection.

LOSAP- We have a Length Of Service Award Program where points are earned by active members for every event (call, fundraiser, meeting, drill, borough event) attended. When a member achieves a certain number of points for the year, our Borough contributes a sum of money in a financial investment account that once you have been vested (5 contributions), you may take out.

Permits/Recreation fees– The borough of Oceanport waives municipal permits as well as recreation fees for our active members.

Free Bay Rental- As a member, your time and effort is invested into the fire company. We do not charge any of our members for use of our facilities that they can use for family events, etc.

Exempt/Relief Association– As an active member, You can also join the Firemen’s Exempt/Relief association. These associations are here to assist our firefighters statewide financially in time of need, for medical benefits and provides a death benefit after you complete 7 years of service with the Fire Department.

What is the membership process?

Congratulations, You have completed the first step! You have found our website and we have peaked your interest! Your next step is to fill out this form

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We will get back to you and meet up with you and give you an application.

Once you complete the membership application and physical, Our membership committee will interview you. This is a informal interview to get to know you and answer any questions that you may have. The committee will then recommend (or not recommend) your membership to the company at the next regular monthly business meeting.

Once your membership has been approved by the company, you will be fingerprinted by our finest at the Oceanport Police Department and have a background check completed. Your membership for the department will then be brought up for approval by the borough council.

Congratulations, your in! Now what?

You have become a member of the Oceanport Hook & Ladder and thus the Oceanport Fire Department. We will start with in house training and fit you for turnout gear. We will get you on the truck for calls to assist the operator and stay at the firetruck to assist with operations. We will prep you for the academy. The Monmouth County Fire Academy runs a class in the spring and a class in the fall. They run Tuesday and Thursday weeknights as well as all day Sundays. Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 (combined class) lasts 250 hours. While this class may seem long, its worth your life in a fire.